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You are everything you were created to be.

Someone once asked me,

"Who do you think you are?"

I simply responded,

"Who do you think I'm not?"

To some, my response may have seemed rude and to others - vague. To me, my response was power. My response was light. My response was an assertion that I am everything I was created to become in a lifetime.

As you live throughout your purpose, some people may not understand your process. Hell, you may not even understand your process. You will continue to be in situations without grounding. You will continue to be afraid of what'll happen next. You'll continue to feel unsure and question if doing something was truly the best decision. That is okay.

Displacement isn't a one-time thing. It's apart of the cycle of life that defines who you are - who you were created to become.

You'll never truly know yourself - ever. Yes, we try to be at peace with ourselves. Yes, we are more aware of ourselves than others. However, the truth of the matter is that we are always "becoming". We are always evolving. We are always shifting. We are always adapting.

So how dare you allow yourself, or anyone, to question who you are today? You were intricately and divinely created. You're one of a kind. You deserve the space and energy to unfold and the cost of no one else. A creation of such doesn't warrant an explanation.

Your journey is far from over. You are not done evolving. You are confident in who you are today, but you're even more confident knowing that whoever you'll become tomorrow is unstoppable.

So, the real response is, "WHO AM I NOT?"

You are everything you were created to become: today, tomorrow, and the day after. Change is never-ending. Live in your purpose freely.

@operationheratl <3

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