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What is reality?

Part II of "The Conception of Deception"

It's understood that social America believes that all black people love fried chicken."Can't nobody season chicken like black folks." I mean, I can agree; the smell of floured chicken sizzling in grease and seasoning salt truly butters my biscuit! Every famous soul food meal begins with some sort of "fried chicken". Then, you go on to name the macaroni and cheese that absolutely HAS to have a little brown burning on the top (or at that point, "a white person made it").

There's the "conception of deception" that black women don't let anything come between their weave and their nails. Whether it's the twenty-inch Brazilian Body Wave, or the Bohemian 360 Frontal - they gotta' have it "layed and slayed". Then, there lies the idea that most black people either smoke cigarettes, marijuana, drink alcohol, or all of the above.

All of those were indeed stereotypes. But lets be honest, were they accurate?

Stereotypes versus Reality ...

What do you see in most black communities?

You see the wing shacks, the fast food restaurants , the nail shops and hair salons, package liquor stores, or either pawn shops. All are present in our communities to satisfy ... stereotypes? Hmm, interesting.

Where are all the libraries, the whole food stores, and the gyms? Well, they’re in communities where stereotypes justify their existence - the white communities.

Stereotypes have become a reality for my people. White society limits us to what they "think" we thrive off of best; in the end, it's only to keep us at the bottom of the barrel - in other words, inferior.

You instill in social society that black communities are unsafe, so what do we do? We seek out to purchase guns and weapons. In the end, we fear each other. We kill each other because that's what the "white man" wants. If you only put fast food restaurants with no gym in a community, what do you expect? High blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes - which leads to an ailing population of black people. If you only put hair weave salons and nail shops in a community, what do you expect? Our women wear fake weaves and long nails only to go and apply for jobs (owned by the white man) to be denied because it's not of "professional standards". It's simple. We live in a white man's world. With stereotypes, they can - and will control us.

Even if you thought THAT was biased, let’s talk facts.

Businesses in black neighborhoods supply the WANT: nail salons, hair salons, shoe stores, etc (what is said to satisfy black people). After we spend all of our money on the WANT, this creates the scarcity in black neighborhoods that we often see.

We’re left with only the choice to go spend our money where the NEED is present - always present.Where the NEED is, the money is present. Money is infinitely flowing through these neighborhoods and bolstering their communities. Where the WANT is, there is no money. We have what we have, and it’s best that we make what can out if it.

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