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Reaction to Tweet from Bernie Sanders ...

Bernie Sanders recently made a post on Twitter that reads:

"The fact that the United States continues to arrest hundreds of thousands of black and brown Americans every year for the possession of marijuana, while wealthy investors on Wall Street make huge profits off of it, is completely outrageous."

This tweet had me shook, literally. I seen a few people repost it to entail their thoughts, but seeing this tweet influenced me to write. Immediately, I wondered who Mr.Sanders was referring to when he said "wealthy investors" and why were "brown and black Americans" the focal point? I'm sure that anyone can take their guess and arrive at the same assumption. Morally, it's above me ...

When a politician can tweet this on social media, something is truly wrong in this crap-hole of a place we call our country. I won't discuss this as a race issue (which I strongly believe it is). The bigger picture of this is that money runs this country, and that America will do WHATEVER it takes to uphold that standard. I don't care how much of a "democracy" they say we have, this country is not free. The system in America is designed to profit, not progress, and black people just so happen to be America's outlet to that objective. To them, we are blind and inferior enough to be the ignition to America's flames.

Am I going crazy, or has the country been moving forward towards legalizing marijuana for either medical purposes or recreational desires anyway? How could ANYONE possibly be getting arrested for having it? How is this still criminalized? Out of ALL the other problems above our country, "possession of marijuana" is labeled as another statistic on my people. But see, they view us as an opportunity; and when I say "us", I mean brown people. We are their target. The more inmates in jail, the more money the government can pocket. The more wealthy investors "investing", STILL, the more money the government can pocket.

The system throws excuses at the ceiling and expects the rest of the country to believe that it's sticking. Honestly, let's look at America's claim for making marijuana illegal in the first place. OH YEAH, they were racist ideals (I tried to stay away from the whole race idea, lol). It highlighted marijuana's "ability to cause men of color to become violent and solicit sex from white women" (this quote is included in many reliable articles published across the Internet). Seems like the goal here wasn't to protect the people of this country for the greater good, but it was to protect white people from black men and the evil pictures painted of us in their minds. I'm just gonna' keep it real, the system in America ain't fair.

What's sad is, they know that it's not, and they know that WE know it's not. But who's going to stop them? This is real, and we're living in it.

Please, leave a comment in the section below and feel free to send an email to create a discussion. Don't let your voices go unheard.

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