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Learning Mindfulness.


We often emphasize the idea of self-discipline with regard to physicality:

- Getting out of bed even when we're tired.

- Doing that final rep at the gym - even when no one is looking.

- Actually turning off Netflix after saying, "One more episode".

It's the control that we have over our bodies to align our lifestyles with our goals, however, we often skip the root of it: our mentalities.


Discipline your mentality.

Physical discipline is where it's at, but mental discipline and strength is where it's really at! It's the strength we need in order to constructively perceive the world and respond to what it has to offer - good and bad. It's the power we innately hold over our own lives. Although we all distinctively define the journeys of our lives, it's important to be aware of how each of us can endlessly nurture our minds in order to continue gravitating towards and responding to our higher calling.

So who are you, really? How are you training your mind to consciously resist what isn't best for you and accept what is? How easily do you define the difference between what's best for you and what isn't? What are you feeding your mind to grow into? Before we continue, ask yourself these simple questions:


How mentally strong are you?

🌸When do you give up too soon? When do you keep going for longer than you should?

🌸 On a scale from 1-10, how much do you trust yourself making decisions without guidance from someone else?

🌸 Which influences your decisions more: logic or emotion?

🌸 What types of things do you often beat yourself up over?

🌸 What do you tell yourself when you get rejected? When do you become overconfident?

🌸 When do you know that you're truly happy? Are you happy?

Those are just a few questions that introspectively assess you. Despite all, your inner-self is more powerful than your exterior. In fact, everything begins with the mind. It influences how we understand life's dealings.


"Teach your mind some home training!" #operationHER

True mentality builds over time. From affirmations to meditation to simply spending an hour alone with yourself each day, you must allow your mind the space to function uninterrupted and to mature on its own.

"Words are water. Hydrate your mind."

Like a flower, you must water your mind daily. You'll endure rainy days that'll teach you to appreciate the storms that help you grow. You'll also endure some sunny days. Those too, will teach you to appreciate the space you're given to blossom.

As I conclude this week's post, I'll leave you with this simple question:

Who are you, really?

It is perfectly okay if you don't have a clear answer right now. Continue to water that thought. Allow it to evolve.

Thank you for reading, Learning Mindfulness! Tune in next week for part two of our mental health focus!

- Author & Editor,

Armani Hamilton

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