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from the Modern Afro-Framework

Here is where my blackness releases its tension, its excitement, and its confusion all at once. I challenge you, my Framework-insiders, to join me by finding a post to read, discuss, and share.
- Writer, Armani Hamilton

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#operationHER x The Modern Afro-Framework EXPLAINED...

"I wanted to create something that would ultimately allow me to express myself to the world on how I think and truly feel about being black in modern America. Whether it be hidden history, current news, or even a "stay woke" moment - it never fails, there is always something new to discuss.

The Modern Afro-Framework serves as a vessel to project my thoughts and deductions of the modern African American culture through a black teenage perspective. My goal is to infuse my loyal readers with the power that yet resides in them as "Afro-mericans". I seek to clue my readers in as to what intrigues me as an black female teenager in an eccentric world as such. 

Thank you, Armani Hamilton

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