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#herservice 2020

"As Christmas 2020 gradually comes to an end, I want to reflect on those who were without gifts, love, warmth, or a home today: the homeless population of Atlanta, Georgia. 

I met some of the dopest, most humble and intellectual individuals this past week that taught me something school could never teach me.


We often judge the homeless the instant we lay eyes on them. We immediately turn our cheeks assuming we have no change to spare or time to buy them a meal. However, I met people who simply wanted to share their stories with me - their narratives that set them apart from everyone else. 

A homeless individual is no different than you or myself. They're no social outcasts. They're not people to be afraid of. They're not people to look down on, nor is their predicament final. They, too, are people. They are people with thoughts, feelings, and opportunities - just like you and I. 

The amount of wisdom I encountered touched my heart in ways they've never been graced before. Although I may not be able to give the gidt of a home to every homeless person in Atlanta, I will do what I can to spread the love that I have. I know you all are out there, and you are not forgotten.

Every person has a narrative. These are just a few of those that were shared with me."

- President, Armani Hamilton

The #operationHER Atlanta Foundation


Our mission is simple: not to change the world, but to change the world for one person.


#operationHER founder and President, Armani Hamilton, has a deep rooted passion for giving back to her roots, her community, her home, her Atlanta. And this - is how #HER journey began. 


The #operationHER Atlanta Foundation was established in January of 2019. It was originally created under two separate pretenses: a blog that discussed being black in America as a teen and as an organization to promote self-esteem amongst adolescent girls. True compassion got the best of #HER, and she finally decided to combine them both. 


#operationHER believes nothing else but this: no matter the age or gender, every person deserves to be enlightened and empowered. The #operationHER Foundation diligently works throughout metro-Atlanta and surrounding areas through various outreach events to support the community in any way possible. In a world of stress, worry, and tension, #operationHER embodies the journey of a young girl who simply wants to give back to her community.


From giving back to the homeless to speaking at local elementary schools, #operationHER seeks to create new "operations" that will bridge the gap in communities for generations to come. 

This is a sign.

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